Miles is now 2-years-4-months-old. He has a phonological disorder and motor speech challenges. He receives speech therapy 3-times a week and boy is it paying off! He is catching up and sounds more and more like a typical talkative toddler his age every day. Every month I am giving an update of his progress, read below to find out how he is doing.
Miles is very talkative and has a lot to say. Most of the time I understand everything he says, but he does leave out some sounds and syllables in his speech. I am still really excited and positive about the progress he has made and is making. Every day he says more and the changes in his speech are amazing.

Miles still possesses challenges in his speech abilities but his skills are improving. Miles is currently unable to produce the ‘k’, ‘g’, and ‘r’ sounds. He is working on final consonant deletion in speech therapy and will often leave out the final consonants in words when talking. He is producing 1-3 syllable words.

Miles is now communicating his wants and needs verbally without being cued to do so. He tells me his opinions about things and has conversations with his brother and people in his daily life. He is saying so many more new words and phrases that I stopped keeping track of them!

What’s next? Here are the current goals for Miles:
–  Increasing functional 2-3-word phrases.
–  Increasing his production and correctly using 2-3 syllable words.
–  Targeting final consonant deletion.
–  Targeting the ‘g’ and ‘k’ sounds.