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Music Can Help Children Learn Language

Did you know, music can help children learn language? Music can facilitate an increase in children’s consonant inventory, frequency of vocalizations, and vocabulary. It has also been proven that singing words can make them easier to remember. Furthermore, the ability to distinguish sounds helps babies develop language. Incorporating songs and music into your child’s daily […]

Speech Development: The Strategy of Withholding

If your child is able to produce words but refuses when asked to, or your child won’t try to produce a word when asked, you can try using the strategy of withholding. This strategy can be used for children who are around 20-months-old and older. If your child is an early talker or capable of […]

Progress for Miles! Monthly update: January 2019

If you read my previous blogs, you know that my youngest son Miles, 25-months-old, had a tongue tie, lip tie, and has motor planning difficulties. He is currently receiving speech therapy 3-times a week and I prioritize his speech therapy over any other activity. He still gets tons of playtime. (When is he NOT playing?) […]