“ooo-ahh” “wawa” “mama” “ball” “woof”  – Your mouth moves differently to say all of these sounds and words.

Start paying attention to the way your mouth moves to make certain sounds. Then, try working on words with your little one, during play or daily routines, while exaggerating how your mouth moves to make the sounds & words. When using this strategy also try slowing down the way you say the word for your little one, repeat repeat repeat, and make sure your child is watching your face while you do this. 

Exaggerate the way your articulators move to make certain sounds: move your mouth, jaw, lips, & tongue purposefully when making sounds. 

For example, a monkey says “ooo-ahhh.” So, slow down the word, exaggerate how your lips round forward into a circle to say “ooo” and then your jaw opens, your mouth is open, and air comes out to make the “ahh” sound.

To say “mama” your lips squeeze together to make the ‘m’ sound and then your jaw opens to produce ‘a.” 

This tip is helpful for typically developing children and children with motor speech disorders, like Childhood Apraxia of Speech.