Babies and children learn so much from your face. They learn the subtle information that faces have to offer. They learn to follow gaze cues, recognize identities and emotions, and learn language. I always tell my clients and friends to read to their babies face to face. This way, children can watch your face as you are reading. If there is a sad part or a surprise in the story they should be able to pick up on how that could make one feel by watching your face. Grownups, make sure you are showing those emotions!

Children can watch your face move as you form certain sounds. As you read to your children you may repeat a certain word and exaggerate how it sounds or you may talk in a funny or silly voice. By watching your face they can connect with you and also understand more about how to make that sound/word.

Also, your child should be making eye contact with you and looking at the book as well as you while you read the story. If they are looking at the book and you that means they are paying attention. Work on establishing eye contact with your little one!