If you read my previous blogs, you know that my youngest son Miles, 25-months-old, had a tongue tie, lip tie, and has motor planning difficulties. He is currently receiving speech therapy 3-times a week and I prioritize his speech therapy over any other activity. He still gets tons of playtime. (When is he NOT playing?)  He also takes 3 classes a week at Bubbles Academy. Early intervention is so important for our little ones and as a mom and speech therapist I take his speech and language very seriously. Speech, language, and communication forms the basis for all social interactions and without a good foundation he will not be able to be successful.

This month Miles has made huge progress! He is now calling me mommy and my husband daddy. He is talking so much more and talking spontaneously without being prompted or cued! I am so happy to see him improve and it is easing my frustration and my mind.

He is saying many words independently including:
hi mommy, me do, out, avo for avocado, po for hippo, bra for zebra, gira for giraffe, open door, bo bo for broken, agua, purple, purple hat, oreo, dee for candy, puppy, TV, Ipad, hot, on, out, off, in, me, di for this, da for that, apple, dino, mud, dig, knock knock, where, bye, duck, boat, big, night night, no, yea, tittle for little, dayde for baby, zoo, jeep, down.

What’s next? Here are the current goals for Miles:

   •  Increasing functional 2-word phrases: go ball, me ball, roll ball, help me, want ____, and wake up. 

   •  Targeting bilabial assimilation words (boom, pom, map, mop, beep)

   •  To imitate more words

   •  Building up his core vocabulary so he can use more of these words independently: “I go” and “want”.

   •  Targeting different consonant-vowel syllables, specifically “pay” as in paper and plane and “bay” as in baby.