If you read my previous blogs, you know that my youngest son Miles, 25-months-old, had a tongue tie, lip tie, and has motor planning difficulties as well as a phonological disorder. He is currently receiving speech therapy 3-times a week and I prioritize his speech therapy over any other activity. He still gets tons of playtime. (When is he NOT playing?)  He also takes 3 classes a week at Bubbles Academy. Early intervention is so important for our little ones and as a mom and speech therapist I take his speech and language very seriously. Speech, language, and communication forms the basis for all social interactions – he needs that foundation!

This month Miles has made more progress and I am really happy about it. My favorite thing he says is, “Mommy where are you?” Miles is basically talking all the time. He still simplifies words by leaving out sounds, syllables, or distorts consonants or vowels, but he is chatty and is talking all the time.

He is saying many more new words and phrases independently including: camel, rhino, green, yellow, banana, little, tiny, bi for big, baby (he now has the b’s down), pane for airplane, happy, put in, ju box for juice box, ingo for flamingo, deer, puppy, digger, dump, where are you, put in, toy, and mommy no bye. He is now saying hi and bye with the correct vowel sounds too.

What’s next? Here are the current goals for Miles:

• Increasing functional 2-word phrases.
• Increasing his core vocabulary adding words like: want, go, see, my, one, please.
• Increasing his production and correctly using 2-syllable words: tummy, table, bunny, giraffe.
• Targeting final consonant deletion. Working on words like: not, cat, dog, tub, bed, and put.
• Targeting the ‘g’ and ‘k’ sounds. The only word that Miles currently says with these sounds is kitty.