Miles is now 2-years-3-months-old. He has a phonological disorder and motor speech challenges. He receives speech therapy 3-times a week and boy is it paying off! He is really catching up and sounds more and more like a typical talkative toddler his age everyday. Every month I am giving an update of his progress, read below to find out how he is doing.

Miles is saying more every day. Each day I am excited about his progress, his new word or phrase, and I feel good about the direction he is going in. Even though he is making progress I still feel scared. Scared that he won’t be able to communicate with his peers, scared that he will be made fun of, and scared that he will be struggling to talk and communicate for the rest of his life. Every child has something they struggle with, some have bigger struggles than others. Watching Miles deal with this and try to overcome this breaks my heart. Although I am sad, I am so proud of him for working hard in speech therapy and trying every day. He talks a lot and says new things but the struggle hurts my heart.

He is saying many more new words and phrases independently  and adding final consonants to many words as well. His new productions this past month were: Dumbo, Minnie, Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Simba, Nala, bus, animal, home, flower, boat, rain, table, bunny, giraffe, tow truck, bulldozer, please, moon, rain, read book, one more show, go mommy, go up, see this, water, help, me do, and I see, sit down, yes (instead of yea), moss, bye bye mommy, rocket, Easter, pony, mix, cow, chew, chewy, birdie watch, bean, down, show me, I want cheese, one more show, one more book, and he is able to count to 5 on his own,

What’s next? Here are the current goals for Miles:

• Increasing functional 2-word phrases.
• Increasing his core vocabulary.
• Increasing his production and correctly using 2-syllable words.
Targeting final consonant deletion.
Targeting the ‘g’ and ‘k’ sounds.