Battle Ship

Battle Ship for the win on another rainy day!

Now that Mason knows his numbers and letters we can finally play! He LOVES sinking my ships!

Battle Ship is not only fun, but also educational.

• While playing, you can work on good sportsmanship: Using nice words to each other, no talking smack, and being a graceful winner or loser, and no cheating.
• Battleship introduce children to coordinates and grids and it helps them understand the relationship between rows and columns. It also introduces children to graphs.
• When playing any of the battleship games you need logic and reason, as well as memory!
• And, it is pretty fun to sink your opponent’s ship.


Zingo is an awesome game for kids ages 3-6 ( the box will tell you 4+.) First person to fill their card wins, super simple! You can work on increasing sentence length:
I have _____.
I don’t have ______.
Turn taking and social language/ conversation:
Do you have it?
Good job!
There are endless uses for this game.